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Creative Market Free Goods to Make a Design Resources Stock

It’s always good to have handy design resources at your reach when you need them for that client or personal project. Many websites can give you great free resources but everyone can grab them anytime at any moment. If you want a little “exclusivity” for free you should give a try to Creative Market Free Goods.

What is it?

Pricing for products may vary, but most items are around $7 to $20. It’s always nice to buy digital resources from the creators because you help them make a little extra money so they can continue to create new products.

Creative Market is a marketplace for buying digital products. A lot of skilled creators are on the platform selling fonts, graphics, patterns, icons, textures, actions for photoshop and illustrator, images, etc.

The Free Goods Section

Example of free goods from August 18th to 25th – 2019

Every week they offer six new products for free if you have an account on the Platform you may download them all! The great thing is that the items are kept on the PURCHASES section so you can re-download them later for a new project.

One nice feature of the PURCHASES section where the items that you bought or downloaded from the Free Goods section is very well organized by categories and even a search. So finding your items are really easy.

Doing a little test driving is always nice

Downloading a free good is a nice opportunity to check if a product is a high-quality item and you can check and follow the creator’s store so you are notified when they release new content so you may purchase something from them.

How to Download

Click on the images below for the Free Goods section on Creative Market, you’ll need to create an account so you can download the free items and keep them organized under your purchases section (located at the profile menu).

These are the week’s free goods available now:

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Hope this little tip will help you! =D

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